Dedalus PART-CAMO provides Total Solution Engineering Support to the Airline Industry through:

  • Airworthiness Reviews
  • Aircraft Evaluations
  • Technical records management
  • Audits to airline operators 
  • Development of aircraft maintenance Schedules.
  • Reliability and Engine Health Monitoring Programs

Dedalus services are being tailored to meet the need in the aviation market for a high quality, customer-focused, aircraft technical records and maintenance planning. 

The company is committed to delivering service excellence at a low cost.

Dedalus Airworthiness and Planning staff has a wide range of experience in aircraft maintenance planning, production control and technical records, focusing on the delivery of a service that is second to none and which is flexible enough to be able to respond to the management and operational needs of the client.

Dedalus PART-CAMO is approved as per EASA regulations by the Hellenic CAA with approval number EL.CAMO.0014