Extensive Experience

Dedalus has been providing high quality maintenance services for more than 3 decades, developing strong partnerships achieved by professional services, where projects are completed on time, cost effectively and with the highest standards of Safety and Quality.

Heavy and light aircraft maintenance – Part Camo

Dedalus Aviation is an approved Part-145 organisation for a variety of heavy and light aircraft types.
Our CAMO transitioned to the new EASA Part-CAMO and provides total Solution Engineering Support to the Airline Industry for various aircraft types.

Certified mobile maintenance unit

Our Engineers and the mobile units are always equipped and ready, enabling us to respond to urgent AOG requirements to any destination within hours and help you get your aircraft back to service ASAP.

Quality that fully meets your requirements

Our commitment in supporting our customers is essential
for realising our goal.

Why Dedalus Aviation Services

  • Knowhow. Dedalus has accummulated extensive experience in light and heavy aircarft maintenance in a span of more than three decades
  • Customer focused. Services are being tailored to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Cost. The company is committed to delivering services at sustainable costs.
  • Response. Understanding the importance of AOG by maintainig a fleet of three AOG Mobile Units.
  • International reach. An expanding number of Line maintenance stations in Europe and Asia.
  • Safety. Strictly committed to keep the highest safety standards.
  • Staff. Carefully chosen, Experienced and Friendly. Constantly trained to the latest aviation regulations and safety standards.

Mobile Service Unit

Need service at your remote base? We'll bring it to you!

Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance

Diagnostic scans & Troubleshooting

Light repair work

We are the only light aircraft service center to provide quality workmanship to your place of business.
Dedalus Aviation strives to make your experience with your aircraft the best it can be with our mobile service unit.

“In Greek mythology, Daedalus was a skillful architect and craftsman, and was seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and power.”

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